Inspiring Story Of A 17 Years Old Young Entrepreneur Sourav Kumar Who overcome his problems to get success

Inspiring Story Of A 17 Years Old Young Entrepreneur Sourav Kumar Who overcome his problems to get success

In this world, there are millions of young students want to become successful but all of then are not becoming successful because there is only reason is hard work. While struggling with some ups and downs some students overcome this and work hard to succeed in life. Its always very inspiring to read stories of these young students who over his all the problems and become successful by his hard work, So in this article, we are going to know about a student who overcomes his all the problems and now he is a successful entrepreneur at the age of 17, His name is Sourav Kumar and he is also the youngest CEO and founder of a company.

When millions of peoples in this world using social media as fun but Sourav is using it in a very useful way and he is generating passive income from social media by growing social media pages. he is going this from the age of 14 and now he has built a very good community in social media. He has 2 million followers pages on Instagram and 1.5 million on Facebook and he is also having millions of followers on other social media platforms. Let us know more about Sourav how he overcomes all the problems and become a successful entrepreneur at a very young age.

Inspiring Story Of A 17 Years Old Young Entrepreneur Sourav Kumar Who overcome his problems to get success

Attractive Ideas

Every student gets attractive business ideas and many other ideas but some of them implement the idea to get success in life like that Sourav is a student who works instantly in that idea or plans to get success so by this Sourav is running 4 business and the business is running successfully, Sourav has his moto and his inspiring word A$AP — As soon as possible.

About Sourav

Sourav is doing Blogging, Dropshipping, digital marketing, and many other things. At first, when he started he doesn’t know that where this career will take him, He doesn’t know that he will become successful in this digital career but he worked hard and now his a successful entrepreneur.

Determinations to success

It was not a very easy and smooth journey for him, He belongs to Motihari a small town in East Champaran Bihar and it was not easy for him to a digital entrepreneur because it’s not a very developed place for learning digital marketing but by overcoming this problem he learned everything by his own by browsing in searching in search engines, But there is one thing is that he worked with determination to succeed in life and now he is a successful entrepreneur.

Everyone will be surprised to know that at his young age he is single handled build his community with more than 40+ Instagram pages, 20+ Facebook pages, and many other social media accounts.

Profit of hard work

Right now Sourav is enjoying his digital career and he is more success by his work and his hard work, His life story inspired many young rising entrepreneurs and a valuable message to this world for those who try to do something big in his life, Sourav never turned back in his career and he is having an ability to fight with the failures in his life and he is inspiring many young personalities in his place.

Some Essential Tips

Becoming successful means to learn from who is already success in there life , Getting knowledge from a mentor is a very good thing but if you can’t able to find mentor then here are some of the tips to become success as entrepreneur.

  • Give challenge to yourself
  • Do work that you care about
  • Believe in yourself and keep focus in your work
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in your company
  • Face your all the fears and fight
  • Take risk
  • Manage energy and money not time
  • Always learn from failures
  • Know your clients
  • Understand your market
  • Bring solutions for your problems
  • Deliver more than expected

These are the tips you have to follow to get success

Some tips to the entrepreneur if they fail in something

Everyone in this world fails one time but some of them overcome the failure and learn something from it and gets success next time, so if you fail in something you can overcome this by our some tips.

  • Do not take anything very much serious

Sometimes if someone fails then they think to end up their life from this world, success and failure is the part of our life so you have to learn something from the failure not to end up the life.

  • Understand what you getting from it

As an entrepreneur we are going to face so much of failures and success so we have to understand the situation whats going on and you have to get into the situations.

  • Have a strong support

You have to build a strong relationship with your family, friends, relatives and mentors to get support in your hard time, You might feel along in failure times so you have to build a strong relationship.

  • Find what can bring back your all energy

Find something interesting that you like to do I your free time and build your hobbies so that if your failure comes that hobby will help to forget that.

  • Be prepared for your future

You have to always be prepared for your upcoming future Because no one knows what is your future so you have to always be prepared for everything that you’re going to face in future.

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